January Newsletter 2024

Prepare yourself for a month filled with excitement as we bring you exclusive offers and celebrations! We are thrilled to present you with incredible opportunities to participate and show your unwavering support for the Tyre Mentorship Program Community. Don't let these amazing chances slip away - be a part of something truly extraordinary!

TMP Special Offers and Big Wins


Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to participate in Fabric's Apparel Entrepreneur Crash Course. This event will empower you to start your very own brand and earn a School of Frock certificate. Join Fabric on February 10th and 11th from 9am to 5pm for an immersive experience that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive world of fashion.

During the course, you will delve into the essential elements of building a successful brand. From understanding the differences between overseas and domestic manufacturing to mastering the art of design fundamentals, you will gain invaluable insights into garment construction, tech packs, sourcing materials, and more. You will also learn how to estimate garment costs, develop a strong brand identity, and navigate the intricate world of digital marketing.

Led by industry experts, this crash course is a comprehensive guide to launching and growing your fashion empire. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional looking to expand your skillset, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

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Secure your spot today by visiting the RSVP page at https://fabricaz.as.me/Apparel-Entrepreneur-Certificate.







TechChill Riga

What started as a small birthday celebration for the local co-working space TechHub Riga in 2012, has now blossomed into something much more significant - TechChill Foundation. This non-profit organization has become the very cornerstone of the Baltic tech scene, offering a wide range of resources and support to boost the success of Baltic founders.

TechChill Foundation is dedicated to creating meaningful connections between potential partners, whether they are startups, investors, customers, or employees. By fostering these connections, TechChill aims to not only accelerate the growth of individual companies, but also to strengthen the entire Baltic tech ecosystem.

Through their extensive network, TechChill provides invaluable opportunities for startups to connect with industry experts, mentors, and other like-minded individuals. By facilitating these connections, TechChill helps startups to access the knowledge, skills, and know-how needed to thrive in the competitive tech landscape.Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.47.29 AM

By focusing on empowerment and collaboration, TechChill is playing a vital role in shaping the future of the Baltic tech scene. Through their dedication to supporting founders and fostering meaningful connections, TechChill is creating an environment where innovation can flourish and thrive.

So, whether you're a startup looking for investment opportunities, an investor searching for the next big thing, a customer seeking innovative solutions, or an employee looking to join an exciting tech company, TechChill is the place to be. Join me at TechChill in Riga on April 17, 2024.



In the ever-evolving world of technology and innovation, one Arizona startup has caught our attention. The most recent investment is an Arizona Startup from ASU https://www.breathe-ev.com/ who has created software that acts as a reservation system for EV chargers and is focusing on the multi-family apartment vertical. Please ping me if you want an introduction to the founder, Max



Dan Tyre

Written by Dan Tyre

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