Apr 19, 2020 4:07:22 PM

How to Find a Job in 2020

I get asked 20X a week for help from people who are looking for a new job. Some are experienced job seekers, some are career changers, some are right out of high school or university, but they have one thing in common. They are looking for my advice for how to find a paying job to further their career. After helping hundreds of people over the years, I decided to publish an updated version of the 20 Steps to Find a Job in the 21st century. *One note, these guidelines may be slightly different in the new normal of 2020, I think the underlying concepts are sound and still work, but open to your opinions. 

This is also applicable if you are looking for a job at www.hubspot.com the company that I have worked for since 2007. HubSpot is a great company because it hires great people, has a strong culture and is doing meaningful work to help people, managers, leaders and companies to #growbetter. It is very hard to get into HubSpot (statistically harder than admission to MIT or Harvard) but it is possible and follows these general rules and guidelines.

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Apr 19, 2020 3:11:57 PM

Creating a Successful Start Up in 2020

I have been helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses for years. It is super fun, exciting & fascinating to see the tremendous ideas that smart, motivated people dedicate their life and livelihood toward. As part of that process. Throughout the years, I have learned that every entrepreneur is a bit different. There are certainly some common success factors but the goal of a good board member or advisor is to help the entrepreneur achieve their goals (not mine) To that end, we have been circulating this document since 2015. We call it How to Create a Successful Start Up in 2020 and it is designed for us to find out enough about what the entrepreneur wants to accomplish, so we can help she/he on their journey. 

If you want our help to scale your business, we will need you to answer these questions

If you fill them out and email them to me at dtyre@hubspot.com I will review and schedule time to review and see how we might be able to help

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Oct 3, 2019 11:00:35 PM

What are Dan Tyre Office Hours?

Q:What are Dan Tyre Office Hours?

A: Office Hours is an opportunity for people to connect with me for 25 or 50 minutes at a local restaurant or co-working space and talk through your personal or business challenges, "potholes" & priorities to get a new perspective, evaluate options and hopefully solve problems.

Office Hours is also an opportunity for me to connect with entrepreneurs, job seekers, career changers, non-profits, students and community leaders to find out how I can help. Its sometimes helpful to talk through your top issues and priorities in order to help brainstorm ideas and get people moving forward.

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